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Limited time free shipping on orders over $50!

Broadbrim Ponytail Sun Hat - 'Evelyn'

by Bedhead

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We know the creative excuses kids give as reasons they shouldn’t wear a hat – and we’ve fixed several of them! 

Our Ponytail Broadbrim Sun Hat features a handy little slit at the back of the hat for longer hair to pull through – no hair elastics required. Pulling the hair through not only allows for a comfortable fit for girls who like their hair in braids or ponytails, it means a cooler head and neck as it prevents hair sticking to hot bodies. With a slightly more feminine style to the crown of the hat and extra little stitching detail, our Ponytail Broadbrim gives excellent UPF50+ protection to the head, face, neck and shoulders in great style. The soft, light fabric, elasticated band in the deep paneled crown, and anti-flop brim provide that famous comfortable Bedhead fit.

Teeny tiny delicate white, pink and plum blooms on the perfect pink base. Evelyn can take a back seat to bigger prints and brighter colours, or be the highlight of a neutral outfit. Also available in Baby Flap Hat and Ruffle Toddler Bucket.