Q. Why won't my discount codes work?
A. Shopify only allows the use of one discount code per transaction. We recommend you use the one that gives you the best benefit and save the other for next time. All web and advertised discount codes are for retail use only.  

Silicone Bowl FAQ's

Q.  Help! My silicone bowl has an orange residue, how come?
A. Carrot (and many other orange foods) when pureed create an oil residue that can take two or more washes to get out. It happened to me too! I did some research into it, the residue isn't permanent. You can always try a little bit of bicarbonate soda or lemon juice to remove it also. 

Q. Why does my bowl have a residue that is giving food a soapy after taste?
A. This is unusual but not unheard of. It happens when the silicone takes on an oily residue. It could be from a meal or a dish soap that contains essential oils, antibacterial agents or moisturisers. These oils can sometimes stick to the silicone material and cause an unpleasant soap taste. Silicone itself cannot absorb flavours or give out a chemical taste. Do not worry though, I've got some solutions for you! To remove the oil you can try a bi-carb or white vinegar soak overnight, even wiping your bowl out with some lemon juice. You can also boil your silicone bowl to clean it.  

Q. My bowl won't stick! 
A. Our bowls suction to clean and dry sealed surfaces. So think things like your non-porous plastic high chair tray, or a glass table top, a smooth stone bench top and some sealed wooden surfaces. The bowl needs to be pressed down on to the surface to ensure air pockets are removed from underneath so the suction engages. They also are not completely fool proof, as bub gets older they will find a way to get it off. 

Q. Can I use a UV steriliser on my bowl?
A. We recommend washing the bowl in the dishwasher or by hand with dish soap. Bowls can be sterilized with boiling water or in a microwave, we would not recommend UV sterilisation of any silicone product.